Monday, June 22, 2009

PET Scan tomorrow............

Tomorrow I begin yet again another journey with the ravages of HPV. Actually, I've been traveling this particular portion of the journey for almost a year. It has consisted of dealing with multiple surgeons who insisted everything looked "normal", not having done biopsies during an earlier surgery and having to undergo yet a second surgery just to do these biopsies and being told words that over the years have become all too familiar "I don't know how to treat you."

Finally I resorted to going out of state to Duke Cancer Center in North Carolina where I underwent surgery for the purpose of removing what had been diagnosed as anal carcinoma in situ (cancer of the anus in place - not invasive or spreading). After being delayed for months by doctors unwillingness to listen to me, the patient, their lack of knowledge in how to treat HPV related cancers and of course let's not forget delays from the insurance company removal of an in situ lesion became instead a pathological diagnosis of invasive anal cancer with positive margins.

My options at this point are radiation therapy and chemo. I've already been down that road before so additional radiation therapy severely compromises being able to maintain sphincter control and possibly having to undergo an APR (abdominoperitoneal resection) with colostomy.

I will be blogging as the days and weeks progress with updates regarding my treatment, my current condition and how I am tolerating treatment. I believe it is important for others to understand the full impact of this virus and how it can change your life - forever!

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