Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's NOT all about cervical cancer!

My heart goes out to anyone with cancer. I've been there. I'm there again now. However, when it comes to HPV frankly I'm tired of hearing about HPV and cervical cancer when HPV has been shown to cause so many other cancers as well and these seem to be overlooked in many instances.

I was recently told that my "survivor" story really would not be applicable for inclusion on a particular site because my survival dealt more with HPV induced anal caner (although i have had carcinoma in situ involving the cervix, vagina and vulva as well). I find this appauling. We should all be in the same boat, moving in the same direction, one of awareness and not just that HPV can cause cervical cancer but all the other cancers as well!

So I'm a survivor, I'm just not a survivor of cervical cancer! What is wrong with these people? What is wrong with the FDA limiting the use of the HPV test to only cervical specimens? Aren't they testing for the virus? So if that virus also causes these other cancers, shouldn't they be allowed to use the test for screening of those cancers as well? Why, when the FDA updated the Gardasil literature last year to include vaginal and vulvar carcinoma in terms of prevention with the vaccine didn't they include anal cancer? It's the virus that can cause the potential cancer isn't it? Yes! So why limit it's use to only the detection of cervical cancer?

I applaude those with the courage and fortitude to endure the tortuous treatments involved with having cancer regardless of which type of cancer you have. I just don't like being treated like a "second class citizen" because I have a cancer (while still caused by HPV) that isn't being recognized.