Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New HPV Support Network Forum Goes Live October 7th

The HPV Support Network has maintained an online presence for some years now. It provides significant informational resources for both patients nad providers and is certified by HONcode for providing medically accurate information.

The one thing the site has not had, until now, is an online forum to provide the all too necessary support and feedback that individuals can receive from each other.

On Friday October 7, 2011 the HPV Support Forum will go live and can be accessed directly from The HPV Support Network home page. We invite anyone with HPV or who has questions, concerns and/or needs support to please join us in making this forum the most beneficial it can be.

Unlike other sites which default posts to the Internet (which only serves to boost the sites ratings at the expense of people's privacy), this site is only accessible to registered users and posts are private by default. While raising a sites rankings does indeed make it more visible with respect to Internet searches, we believe there are other ways to achieve these ends without exposing one's private information.

Any suggestions for improvement or changes are welcomed as we navigate this new territory together.