Wednesday, February 22, 2012

HPV Victims Need ONE Voice

More often than not when people speak about HPV it is within the context of cervical cancer. HPV is 99.9% responsible for all cancers of the cervix so it is understandable that it would receive a significant amount of attention. It was also the first cancer identified as being caused by HPV in 1983 by Professor Harald zur Hausen, MD.

Subsequently, HPV has been identified as the cause of numerous other cancers as well and most of these have gone ignored both by the medical community and by the media. I have personally dealt with HPV causing high grade precancerous lesions of the cervix, vagina and vulva each requiring a multitude of procedures, surgeries, and even chemotherapy yet none of them were considered an invasive cancer. The two cases of invasive cancer which I survived which was also caused by HPV was anal.

Experts in the field of anal HPV and cancer would say that 100% of anal cancers are caused by HPV. Currently, the CDC lists HPV as responsible for 90% of the anal cancers. There comes a point where hot is hot and whether it is 102 degrees or 103 it's hot. The same goes for HPV related anal cancers, in my opinion. Once you have hit 90% as an identified cause are we really going to quibble over the remaining 10%?

Do those with HPV cancers not involving the cervix deserve any less attention than those with cervical cancer? It cannot be denied that over a quarter of a million women continue to die each year of cervical cancer with approximately half a million being diagnosed. Is the radiation therapy, chemotherapy or surgery that an anal cancer patient goes through any different than what a cervical cancer patient goes through? While I have not had radiation to the cervix, what I can attest to is the fact that radiation for anal cancer results is significant proctitis (inflammation of the bowel) with subsequent episodes of uncontrolled diarrhea. The severe burns to the skin run from the area of the urethra, vagina (often up into the opening of the vagina), the peroneum and surrounding the anus itself. Imagine these burns being continually exposed to episode after episode of diarrhea and the delayed healing and further excoriation that this causes?

Unlike the cervix which (if you've already had your family) is not required for the daily functions of life the anus is, unless of course you opt for a colostomy instead but initially and at least until healing has occurred to determine any sphincter damage this is not something people typically opt to do especially with smaller less invasive cancers.

I specifically remember having to carry around what they call a Peri-bottle which is simply a bottle with a pull-up top allowing you to squeeze, in my case, warm water from the bottle while urinating. The act of urinating itself resulting in such severe pain when the urine came in contact with the radiation burns that the bathroom was simply a nightmare.

Is a woman having to have both sides of her vulva removed any less traumatic than having one's uterus removed? I think only if you haven't had and desire to have kids. If you've done that, then having one's external genitalia mutilated and forever altered is very traumatic. I know, I've had it done!

As an HPV advocate it is very difficult for me when all I hear about is HPV and cervical cancer. It is, for those who advocate against cervical cancer, an outright choice to exclude the other HPV induced cancers and functions to alienate all the other victims of HPV who don't happen to have cervical involvement. Instead, each individual who advocates against cervical cancer should be advocating against not just cervical cancer, but HPV in general and all of the cancers which it causes.

There should be no sense of disrespect for those whose HPV has caused a cancer other than cervical, no less-than status. At the same time while holding no disrespect for anyone having to go through cervical cancer - I can live without my uterus and I can live without my cervix but I can't live normally without my anus! It's that simple.

We ALL need to come together as one voice


  1. I believe I beat HPV, You can read and decide for yourself. I just feel the need to share this with who ever may want to read it and maybe even try it. I suffered from cervical cancer a few years ago due to HPV. I had a hysterectomy and some lymph nodes removed as well. There was a small amount of cancer found in one of the lymph nodes which led afterwards to me having to go thru radiation and chemo for four months. The cancer tried to return less than a year later a I had to under go lazor therapy to burn the vaginal walls,which proved to be very unpleasant. I was really scared of this continuing over and over. The doctor told me as long as the HPV was in my system, the cancer would continue to want to come back. I was constantly having to go get checked to see if it was returning. All I was told is your body has to fight off the HPV, there is nothing you can take to make it go away. Suddenly I remembered when my son was a child, he had a wart on his finger and the doctor kept freezing the wart off, only for it to keep coming back. After putting my son through .so many times, the doctor put him on Tagament 3 times a day for 3 months. He said that he can't explain why it works, but it just does and the wart was gone forever, never to return. To get to where I am going with this is that Warts are also caused by a form of HPV, just a different strand of it. So I decided,what would it hurt to try to take this for myself just to see what happens, I had nothing to lose. So I took it for the 3 months just as my son had done many years ago. I had regularly went to the doctor getting tested for the HPV and it had always tested positive, but after I took the over the counter tagament and got tested, it continued to come back negative. Now it's just the question, did what I tried work or not? Did my own body just all of the sudden decide to fight it off after it has been in my system for all those years? I leave that up to anyone out there that wants to try it. I am not claiming that it works, but something got HPV out of my system. If any of you decide to try it, I hope you will post it everywhere that you can to tell others to try it out and see if it helps them too. God bless Angela D

  2. I've read in some blogs that even HPV vaccines are killing! That's right you read that well. In the U.S. there were around 100+ kills of girls who got the HPV Vaccine. Some activists claim that Merck is now giving iTunes cards and other gifts to vaccinate the young population... That's something to check out...

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