Wednesday, October 26, 2011

ACIP Finally Recommends HPV Vaccine for Boys/Young Men

After two years of stalling, the ACIP (Advisory Committee for Immunication Practices) has decided to finally make the HPV vaccine recommended for boys and young men instead of approved for them which is where they left it over the past two years.

In the meantime, those same young boys have grown into young men who have inevitably passed on this virus to any of not all of the women with whom they have had any type of sexual contact. Even kissing is now being considered as one of the means of transmission for the virus.

It has truly been remiss on the part of the ACIP as well as the CDC for not having employed research information available more than two years ago and to finally get around to using it now. The damage they have done is irreparable and we can only hope that any campaigns which the CDC now develops in light of this will be sufficient to make up for the damage they have already caused. To follow is commentary by Director of the CDC's Infection Disease unit who refers to recent information. While additional information has been collected, this information to which she refers has been in existence of over two years. I'd like to know how Dr. Schuchat explains the CDC not having put pressure on the ACIP in addition to running their own campaigns (of which I've seen none) and allowing more American citizens to become at risk for the six cancers which HPV is now known to cause:


  1. Finally! I know women are much more at risk with cervical cancer and all, but better safe than sorry!

  2. I believe I beat HPV, You can read and decide for yourself. I just feel the need to share this with who ever may want to read it and maybe even try it. I suffered from cervical cancer a few years ago due to HPV. I had a hysterectomy and some lymph nodes removed as well. There was a small amount of cancer found in one of the lymph nodes which led afterwards to me having to go thru radiation and chemo for four months. The cancer tried to return less than a year later a I had to under go lazor therapy to burn the vaginal walls,which proved to be very unpleasant. I was really scared of this continuing over and over. The doctor told me as long as the HPV was in my system, the cancer would continue to want to come back. I was constantly having to go get checked to see if it was returning. All I was told is your body has to fight off the HPV, there is nothing you can take to make it go away. Suddenly I remembered when my son was a child, he had a wart on his finger and the doctor kept freezing the wart off, only for it to keep coming back. After putting my son through .so many times, the doctor put him on Tagament 3 times a day for 3 months. He said that he can't explain why it works, but it just does and the wart was gone forever, never to return. To get to where I am going with this is that Warts are also caused by a form of HPV, just a different strand of it. So I decided,what would it hurt to try to take this for myself just to see what happens, I had nothing to lose. So I took it for the 3 months just as my son had done many years ago. I had regularly went to the doctor getting tested for the HPV and it had always tested positive, but after I took the over the counter tagament and got tested, it continued to come back negative. Now it's just the question, did what I tried work or not? Did my own body just all of the sudden decide to fight it off after it has been in my system for all those years? I leave that up to anyone out there that wants to try it. I am not claiming that it works, but something got HPV out of my system. If any of you decide to try it, I hope you will post it everywhere that you can to tell others to try it out and see if it helps them too. God bless Angela D

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