Sunday, January 15, 2012

How Surviving Cancer can be a Curse

Fifty some-odd years ago a woman and her friend both of whom has survived breast cancer got to talking about how important a support group would be to others like themselves.

They decided to take out a half-page ad in the New York Times. Upon calling, it was explained to the woman at the NY Times that the add should read that a meeting was being held for all of those pateints having survival breast cancer, and went on to give the address and time of the meeting.

The caller was politely told that not only were they not allowed to use the word cancer, they certainly could not use the word breast either. Outraged and I would think much like I feel a good portion of the time, she was told that she could rephrase the announcement to state that a meeting was being held for all those who has survived diseases of the chest wall.

The organization which these two woman created was called "Reach to Recovery" and was later taken over and is now run by the American Cancer Society. Over fifty years later people are still having issues with names of body parts as in anal cancer for example.

While breast cancer has certainly developed a significant following, such a following needs to be developed regarding HPV especially when it is responsible for so many known cancers. How can you make a difference? Get your child vaccinated and talk to other parents (if you are a parent with a child of age to be vaccinated) or your friends about the need to get vaccinated early to avoid this cancer causing virus.


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